Veric Camp
Veric altar
Unit Information
First Spawn Time: 1:10
Respawn Time: 65 seconds
Number: 2 Camps
Total Gold: Bullets-coin67 per Camp (initial)
Total Exp: 193.3 per Camp (initial)
Contains: Veric king info Veric King (x 1)

Vericlings Veric (x 4)


Verics are jungle monsters that resemble large four legged rats. There are two Veric Camps on the map that each contain a Veric King and four Verics.

Offering Buff Reward:Edit

BuffIcon-Ability-Creep-Veric-King-BaitBuff Plague Carrier

Grants the killing hero bonus Magic Damage on their basic Attacks for a moderate duration.

Magic Damage: 10 (+ 1 per level)

Duration: 120

Granted from: Super veric Dire Veric King


Patch History:Edit

Altar added.

See Also:Edit

Veric (Overview)

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