Unyielding Shield
Item Information
Rarity: Uncommon Gear
Cost: 3 Gear Points
Market: [1]


Reduces damage taken from all sources by a percentage. Damage taken from structures is reduced by a further amount.

Damage Blocked: 3%

Structure Damage Blocked: 5%

Material Required for Crafting:Edit

HeroGearRecipe-Unyielding-SmallIcon Recipe: Unyielding Shield (x 1)

Ingredient-MeteorMetal-SmallIcon Meteor Metal (x 4)

Ingredient-LeatherStrap-SmallIcon Leather Strap (x 4)

Ingredient-SteelPlate-SmallIcon Steel Plate (x 1)


A massive shield that can eclipse any danger


Patch History:Edit

Lore changed from A massive shield that can eclipse any danger, protecting those behind it. to A massive shield that can eclipse any danger.

See Also:Edit

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