Tulaan's Arcane Gambit
Item Information
Stats: + 145 Special Power
+ 30% Special Power
10% Reduced Health
Cost: Bullets-coin4110 (960)
Refund: Bullets-coin2877
Limit: 1


Amplify your Special Power at the cost of Health.


ItemIcon-BasicSpecialPowerLarge-Normal Wizard Scepter Bullets-coin1800

ItemIcon-Premeditation-Normal Mage Staff Bullets-coin900

ItemIcon-BasicSpecialPowerSmall-Normal Apprentice Wand Bullets-coin450


Tulaan's end was just the beginning.

Patch History:Edit

Lore changed from: No risk, no reward. - Tulaan's final words to: Tulaan's end was just the beginning.

See Also:Edit

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