Slime Shield
Item Information
Stats: + 40 Armor
+ 2.5 Health/sec
Cost: Bullets-coin1500 (930)
Refund: Bullets-coin1050
Limit: 1


Enemy basic attacks against you have a chance to slow their Attack Speed.

Chance on Hit: 20%

Enemy Attack Speed: -67%

Duration: 3


ItemIcon-Stalwart-Normal Leather Armor Bullets-coin340

ItemIcon-BasicHitPointRestoreRateSmall-Normal Mending Trinket Bullets-coin230

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-ChillingBreastplate-Normal Chilling Chestplate Bullets-coin3800


A shield that once belonged to an ancient knight, slain by the necromancer Trothail.

Patch History:Edit

Recipe changed to Leather Armor + Mending Trinket + 930 gold from Mail Armor + Mending Trinket + 685 gold
Total cost reduced to 1500 from 1870
Armor reduced to 40 from 50
No longer has a random chance to cause attackers to be Slowed: + 35% (but still reduces Attack Speed).

See Also:Edit

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