Shard Plate
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Gear
Cost: 3 Gear Points
Usable by: HeroCloseupLarge-RockGolem-Default-Normal Lithoron
Market: [1]


While Stone Shield is active, basic attacks against Lithoron cause him to deal Magic Damage in radius around himself.

Passive Cooldown: 1.0

Magic Damage: 5 -> 13 (+ 10% of your Special Power)

Radius: 2.5

Ability Scaling Stats:Edit

Expand to See Shard Plate Stat Breakdown
Magic Damage: 5
Magic Damage: 8
Magic Damage: 11
Magic Damage: 13

Material Required for Crafting:Edit

Good-HeroGearRecipe-RockGolem-StoneShield-DamageOnHit-Icon Recipe: Shard Plate (x 1)

Ingredient-SwirlingSand-SmallIcon Swirling Sand (x 7)

Ingredient-SubterraneanStone-SmallIcon Subterranean Stone (x 4)

Ingredient-RunicSeals-SmallIcon Runic Seals (x 1)


Stone to guard the stone that guards the gate.

Patch History:Edit

Added Shard Plate

See Also:Edit

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