Second Wind
Item Information
Stats: + 1100 Health
+ 300 Mana
Cost: Bullets-coin3875 (780)
Refund: Bullets-coin2713
Limit: 1


Restores a percentage of your Health and Mana over time.

Total Heal: +15%

Total Mana Restored: +15%

Duration: 5

Cooldown: 120.0


ItemIcon-EpicBeastSlayer-Normal Belt of Vigor Bullets-coin1275

ItemIcon-RenewingWellspring-Normal Goblet of Renewal Bullets-coin1295

ItemIcon-BasicMaxHitPointsSmall-Normal Bracelet of Vigor Bullets-coin525


With the aid of this talisman few can keep pace.

Patch History:Edit

Lore changed from: With the aid of this talisman, few will be able to keep up. to: With the aid of this talisman few can keep pace.

See Also:Edit

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