Scattershot Bolts
Item Information
Rarity: Rare Gear
Cost: 3 Gear Points
Usable by: HeroCloseupLarge-Crossbowman-Default-Normal Torrace
Market: [1]


Torrace's Triple Shot deals reduced Attack Damage against the primary target but deals increased Splash Damage to all enemies nearby.

Attack Damage: + 5 -> + 20

Splash Damage: 0 (+ 70% of your Attack Power)

Ability Scaling Stats:Edit

Expand to See Triple Shot Stat Breakdown
Attack Damage: + 5
Attack Damage: + 10
Attack Damage: + 15
Attack Damage: + 20

Material Required for Crafting:Edit

Good-HeroGearRecipe-Crossbowman-TripleShot-LessBonusMoreAoE-Icon Recipe: Scattershot Bolts (x 1)

Ingredient-SwirlingSand-SmallIcon Swirling Sand (x 3)

Ingredient-Ebonwood-SmallIcon Mirewood (x 4)

Ingredient-MercenaryContract-SmallIcon Mercenary Contract (x 2)


Eight bolts for the price of one, carry the three and... you're dead.

Patch History:Edit

Added Scattershot Bolts

See Also:Edit

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