Samurai Bataar
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Skin
Cost: $7.99

Crafting Components:Edit

HeroSkinRecipe-Warden-Samurai-SmallIcon Recipe: Samurai Bataar (x 1)

Ingredient-GoldIngot-SmallIcon Gold Ingot (x 5)

Ingredient-Lotus-SmallIcon Lotus (x 5)

Ingredient-DragonHide-SmallIcon Dragon Hide (x 2)

Ingredient-Dawnstar-SmallIcon Dawnstar (x 2)

Ingredient-HornOfAle-SmallIcon Horn of Ale (x 2)


Fueled by rice-wine and righteous rage, Bataar charges into battle.

Unique Notes:Edit

Samurai Skin sometimes has a unique clank upon hit.

Added armor rattling sounds to Samurai Bataar.


Patch History:Edit

Added Hero Trait screenshot
Added art for Samurai Bataar.
Added dust effect for Khagas and Bataar skins.
Added armor rattling sounds to Samurai Bataar.
Added sound effects for Samurai skin weapon hits.

See Also:Edit

HeroCloseupLarge-Warden-Default Bataar (Hero Overview)

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