Piercing Shiv
Item Information
Stats: + 25 Attack Power
+ 10 Armor Penetration
Cost: Bullets-coin1550 (630)
Refund: Bullets-coin1085
Limit: 1


ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerMedium-Normal Longsword Bullets-coin920

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-Vengeance-Normal Heartseeker Bullets-coin4475

ItemIcon-SplashDamageWeapon-Normal Shatterstorm Bullets-coin3550

ItemIcon-ScalarPhysicalArmorPenetration-Normal The Sharpest Edge Bullets-coin2770


A makeshift blade favored by thieves and those who attack in darkness.

Patch History:Edit

Now builds into ItemIcon-SplashDamageWeapon-Normal Shatterstorm Bullets-coin3550

See Also:Edit

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