Orim's Bloodreaver
Item Information
Stats: + 45 Attack Power
+ 17% Life Steal
+ 400 Health
Kills Needed: 50
Refund: Bullets-coin2055
Limit: 1


Deal Physical Damage equal to a percentage of the target enemy hero's maximum Health. You gain Health equal to the damage dealt.

Physical Damage: 15%

Cooldown: 60.0


Only one 'Hungering Blade' Item may be equipped at once.


ItemIcon-HungeringBlade-Normal Hungering Blade Bullets-coin2935 (Acquired at max kill stacks)


Orim once fought for the blood of mankind, leaving their souls for his sister Orza.

Patch History:Edit

Attack Power reduced to 45 from 50
Life Steal reduced to 17% from 20%
Introduced in Patch 39436

See Also:Edit

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