Nimbus Sword
Item Information
Stats: + 15 Attack Power
+ 15% Attack Speed
+ 5% Movement Speed
Cost: Bullets-coin1385 (425)
Refund: Bullets-coin970
Limit: 1


ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-Normal Short Sword Bullets-coin460

ItemIcon-BasicAttackCooldownRateSmall-Normal Dagger Bullets-coin500

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-OnCriticalAttackHaste Rageborn Claws Bullets-coin3700

ItemIcon-WhirlwindBlade-Normal Hiro's Windblade Bullets-coin4410

ItemIcon-MageBlade-Normal Blade of the Magi Bullets-coin3100


A blade quenched in the clouds that gather above the battlefield.

Patch History:Edit

Attack Power reduced to 15 from 16
New Component:
ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-Normal Shortsword Bullets-coin460
Formerly Bullets-coin1560
Formerly + 10% Critical Strike
Former Components:
ItemIcon-BasicAttackCriticalChanceSmall-Normal Club Bullets-coin635
ItemIcon-BasicAttackCooldownRateSmall-Normal Dagger Bullets-coin500

See Also:Edit

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