For the Nethershard Crafting Material, see: Ingredient-NetherShard-SmallIcon Nethershard.

Nethershard (Shop Item)
Item Information
Stats: + 25 Special Power
+ 10 Magic Penetration
Cost: Bullets-coin885 (435)
Refund: Bullets-coin620
Limit: 1


ItemIcon-BasicSpecialPowerSmall-Normal Apprentice Wand Bullets-coin450

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-ScalarMagicArmorPenetration-Normal Defiler's Touch Bullets-coin2655

ItemIcon-QuestFocusMagicDamage-Normal Adventurer's Staff Bullets-coin1350

ItemIcon-OnAbilityNukeDamageBoost Wraithfire Lantern Bullets-coin3130


A shard of the demon realm, many have died to control it.

See Also:Edit

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