Nerroth's Hide
Item Information
Stats: Armor: + 40
Cooldown Reduction: + 10%
Health: + 200
Cost: Bullets-coin2500 (375)
Refund: Bullets-coin1750
Limit: 1

Passive 1:Edit

Your basic attacks and abilities deal increased damage to monsters.

Damage: + 10%

Passive 2:Edit

Prevents a small amount of damage from enemy hero and neutral monster basic attacks.

Damage Blocked: 8

Passive 3:Edit

Neutral monster basic attacks against you will deal Magic Damage to them.

Magic Damage: 15 (+ 45 at Max Level)

Passive 4:Edit

Gain a stacking bonus to Health each time you kill a Large neutral monster. Transforms into Nerroth-Slayer's Mail upon gaining max stacks.

Max Stacks: 25

Max Health: 6


Only one 'Neutral Monster Bonus' item may be equipped at once.

Only one 'Attack Damage Block' item may be equipped at once.


JungleBase Hunter's Spear Bullets-coin250

ItemIcon-OnStruckBlockDamage-Normal Ancestral Plate Bullets-coin1350

ItemIcon-BasicMaxHitPointsSmall-Normal Bracelet of Vigor Bullets-coin525

Transforms Into:Edit

Nerrothslayer Nerroth-Slayer's Mail (Upon killing 25 Large Monsters)

Level Scaling Stats:Edit

Expand to See per Level Stat Breakdown
1: + 3.0 Magic Damage
2: + 6.0 Magic Damage
3: + 9.0 Magic Damage
4: + 12.0 Magic Damage
5: + 15.0 Magic Damage
6: + 18.0 Magic Damage
7: + 21.0 Magic Damage
8: + 24.0 Magic Damage
9: + 27.0 Magic Damage
10: + 30.0 Magic Damage
11: + 33.0 Magic Damage
12: + 36.0 Magic Damage
13: + 39.0 Magic Damage
14: + 42.0 Magic Damage
15: + 45.0 Magic Damage


Nerroth has wandered the mortal world for centuries, roaring at the shattered sky.

Patch History:Edit

Added a new Attack Damage Block ItemExclusivityType for use on items that reduce the amount of damage suffered from basic attacks.
Introduced in Patch 40397.

See Also:Edit

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