Mark of Iron Will
Item Information
Stats: 20% Resilience
Reduces the duration of Stun, Slow, Silence and Root effects on your hero.
Cost: Bullets-coin430
Refund: Bullets-coin301

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-Wanderlust-Normal Monk's Shoes Bullets-coin1240

Lance Valiant Lance Bullets-coin1015


The sigil of an ancient house that refused to bow to the will of the gods.

Patch History:Edit

Now Builds Into:
Valiant Valiant Lance Bullets-coin1015
Gold cost now Bullets-coin430 from Bullets-coin630
No longer Builds Into:
ItemIcon-WhirlwindBlade-Normal Hiro's Windblade Bullets-coin4225 (old price)
ItemIcon-RelentlessCape-Normal Relentless Cape Bullets-coin3955 (old price)

See Also:Edit

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