Item Information
Stats: + 20 Attack Power
Cost: Bullets-coin920
Refund: Bullets-coin644

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-FlatPhysicalArmorPenetration-Normal Piercing Shiv Bullets-coin1550

ItemIcon-LycansFangs-Normal Lycan's Fangs Bullets-coin2525

ItemIcon-AttackCriticalDamageAdditiveSmall-Normal Axe of Ruin Bullets-coin2015

ItemIcon-ConsecutiveAttackBonus-NormalOnslaught Blade Bullets-coin4125

ItemIcon-HungeringBlade-Normal Hungering Blade Bullets-coin2935

ItemIcon-SplashDamageWeapon-Normal Shatterstorm Bullets-coin3550

ItemIcon-RelentlessCape-Normal Relentless Cape Bullets-coin4215

ItemIcon-EnemyTargetSlow-Normal Maiming Trident Bullets-coin2065


An average blade offering moderate damage.

Patch History:Edit

Cost reduced to 920 from 950
All items building from Long Sword have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.

See Also:Edit

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