Life Steal can refer to:

Scalar Life Steal:Edit

Heals for a percentage of the basic attack damage dealt.

Base: 0%

Items with Scalar Life Steal:

Crimson Malice

ItemIcon-HungeringBlade-Normal Hungering Blade

ItemIcon-LeaderOfThePack-Normal Leader of the Pack

ItemIcon-OnCriticalAttackHealReduction Tyrant's War Maul

ItemIcon-OnCriticalAttackHealAndStrongBlockDamage-Normal Vampiric Plate

ItemIcon-OnCriticalAttackHeal Blood Axe


Flat Life Steal:Edit

Heals for a flat amount of the basic attack damage dealt.

Base: 0

Items with Flat Life Steal:

ItemIcon-BasicAttackAdditiveDamageVamp-Normal Leeching Vial

ItemIcon-Survivalist-Normal Conscript's Dagger

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