Leather Armor
Item Information
Stats: + 16 Armor
Cost: Bullets-coin340
Refund: Bullets-coin238

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-BasicPhysicalArmorLarge-Normal Mail Armor Bullets-coin950

ItemIcon-ChargersSabatons-NormalCharger's Sabatons Bullets-coin1375

ItemIcon-Unyielding-Normal Sentinel Bullets-coin3090

ItemIcon-OnStruckSlow-Normal Slime Shield Bullets-coin1500

ItemIcon-EnemyTargetSlow-Normal Maiming Trident Bullets-coin2065

ItemIcon-OnStruckBlockDamage-Normal Ancestral Plate Bullets-coin1350

ItemIcon-QuestFocusDefense-Normal Adventurer's Helm Bullets-coin1350


Basic armor that can be worn beneath mail or over clothes.

Patch History:Edit

Now builds into: ItemIcon-OnStruckSlow-Normal Slime Shield Bullets-coin1500
Now builds into: ItemIcon-BasicPhysicalArmorLarge-Normal Mail Armor Bullets-coin950
No longer builds into:
ItemIcon-PendulumAxe-Normal Pendulum Axe Bullets-coin1250

See Also:Edit

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