Leader of the Pack
Item Information
Stats: + 250 Health
Cost: Bullets-coin2715 (800)
Refund: Bullets-coin1901
Limit: 1


Summon a Spectral Wolf that will seek out enemy heroes within range. If it reaches one, it will Slow and reveal them. At Night, 3 Spectral Wolves are summoned.

Lifetime: 7

Slow: + 40%

Slow Duration: 2.5

Cooldown: 90.0

Unique Aura:Edit

Grants Life Steal and Attack Speed to nearby friendly heroes.

Attack Speed: + 15%

Life Steal: + 10%

Radius: 7.0


ItemIcon-BasicAttackAdditiveDamageVamp-Normal Leeching Vial Bullets-coin520

ItemIcon-MerchantsVest-Normal Merchant's Vest Bullets-coin895

ItemIcon-BasicAttackCooldownRateSmall-NormalDagger Bullets-coin500


A necklace blessed with the spirit of the fae wolf.

Patch History:Edit

Recipe changed to Merchant's Vest + Leeching Vial + Dagger + 800 gold from Short Sword + Leeching Vial + Rapier + 775 gold
Total cost reduced to 2715 from 3205
Now grants 250 Health
No longer grants + 15 Attack Power or + 20% Attack Speed
Life Steal aura reduced to 10% from 20%
Attack Speed aura reduced to 15% from 20%
Now has Active: Summon a Spectral Wolf that will seek out the nearest enemy hero within a large range. If it reaches them, it will apply a 40% Slow and reveal them for 2.5 seconds. At Night, 3 Spectral Wolves are summoned instead. 90 second cooldown.
No longer grants Pet Attack Speed: + 10% or Pet Life Steal: + 10%
Lore changed from The forest has its own power, wielded by savage beasts and feared by men. to A necklace blessed with the spirit of the fae wolf.

See Also:Edit

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