Founder Skin Bundle


Timeless Bundle




The Founder Skin Bundle is an exclusive set of Timeless Skins only available during Beta/Early Access of Sins of a Dark Age. Once the game exits Early Access and goes live, the bundle will be removed from the shop and never be sold again. However, players who own a Founder's skin will be able to sell it on the Steam Market when this happens.


HeroSkin-FireQueen-Founder-SmallIcon Founder Atasha

HeroSkin-Mandrake-Founder-SmallIcon Founder Beroth

HeroSkin-Marksman-Founder-SmallIcon Founder Khagas

HeroSkin-Striker-Founder-SmallIcon Founder Slivus

Good-HeroSkin-Trickster-Founder-Icon Founder Vexie

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