Founder bundles

Current Founder Bundle Description:Edit

The Founder Skin Bundle is an exclusive set of Timeless Skins only available during Beta/Early Access of Sins of a Dark Age. Once the game exits Early Access and goes live, the bundle will be removed from the shop and never be sold again.

Current Founder Skin Bundle:Edit

Bundle-Founder-SmallIcon Founder Skin Bundle (Can be purchased for $54.99.)

Obsolete Founder Bundle Description:Edit

Before Sins of a Dark Age went to Steam, Founder Bundles were tiered. They came with things such as heroes (heroes were purchasable,) crowns and iron (obsolete currency systems,) and a Founder Skin (the skin received depended on Founder tier chosen.)

These pre-Steam tiered bundles are now obsolete and are no longer for sale.

When Sins of a Dark Age entered its Founder Access Stage of Closed Beta in December, 2013, the old pre-Steam Founder tier rewards were converted into three respective bundles with rewards of equivalent value.

Former Founder Bundles:Edit

Bundle-Founder-0-SmallIcon Bronze Founder Bundle (No longer available.)

Bundle-Founder-1-SmallIcon Silver Founder Bundle (No longer available.)

Bundle-Founder-2-SmallIcon Gold Founder Bundle (No longer available.)

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