Forsaken Vallamere
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Skin
Cost: $7.99

Crafting Components:Edit

HeroSkinRecipe-Knight-Dark-SmallIcon Recipe: Forsaken Vallamere (x 1)

Ingredient-ScryingShard-SmallIcon Scrying Shard (x 6)

Ingredient-BloodPhial-SmallIcon Blood Phial (x 6)

Ingredient-ArgentPlate-SmallIcon Argent Plate (x 3)

Ingredient-RunicSeals-SmallIcon Runic Seals (x 3)

Ingredient-AlchimianAmulet-SmallIcon Alchimian Amulet (x 2)


Forsaking his role as First Knight, Vallamere has joined the Alchimians in the fight for the Sunken Forest.

Unique Notes:Edit

Voice changes for skins that don't cover his mouth.

Added all new sounds for Forsaken Vallamere (Shield Bash, Chivalrous Defense, Might of the Empire, Battle Standard, basic & critical attacks).


Patch History:Edit

Added new painting and UI artwork.
Added Hero Trait screenshot
Added some new sounds for Forsaken Vallamere (Shield Bash, Chivalrous Defense).
Fixed sound for skins where his mouth is not covered by a helmet.

See Also:Edit

HeroCloseupLarge-Knight-Default-Normal Vallamere (Hero Overview)

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