Early Access Bundle


These bundles are now retired and no longer for sale on the Steam store!


Rare Bundle


Players who purchase Sins of a Dark Age Early Access will receive an Early Access Bundle in their Steam inventory.

How to Open:

To open the bundle, boot up Soada and go to Profile->Inventory. Select the Early Access Bundle and press Unpack.

Upon opening this bundle, you will be given an Chest-EarlyAccess-SmallIcon Early Access Chest and an ChestKey-EarlyAccess-SmallIcon Early Access Chest Key.

Opening the Chest-EarlyAccess-SmallIcon Early Access Chest will yield one of three bundles:

Bundle-EarlyAccessSubBundle-0-SmallIcon Berserk Bundle

Bundle-EarlyAccessSubBundle-1-SmallIcon Merciless Bundle

Bundle-EarlyAccessSubBundle-2-SmallIcon Resolute Bundle

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