Commoner's Boots
Item Information
Stats: +0.25 Movement Speed
Cost: Bullets-coin460
Refund: Bullets-coin322
Limit: 1


Only one 'Boots' Item may be equipped at once.

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-WingedSandals-NormalMessenger's Sandals Bullets-coin1440

ItemIcon-ChargersSabatons-NormalCharger's Sabatons Bullets-coin1375

ItemIcon-AcolytesSlippers-Normal Acolyte Slippers Bullets-coin1310

ItemIcon-WarriorBoots-Normal Warrior Boots Bullets-coin1110

ItemIcon-Wanderlust-Normal Monk's Shoes Bullets-coin1240

ItemIcon-RiftwalkersShoes-Normal Riftwalker's Shoes Bullets-coin1560


One size fits all.

See Also:Edit

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