Circlet of Mana
Item Information
Stats: + 200 Mana
Cost: Bullets-coin380
Refund: Bullets-coin266

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-BeadOfInspiration-Normal Bead of Inspiration Bullets-coin1155

ItemIcon-RenewingWellspring-Normal Goblet of Renewal Bullets-coin1295

ItemIcon-WiseMentor-Normal Hoarfrost Pendant Bullets-coin1200

ItemIcon-SpecialPowerShield Sanctus Bullets-coin3650

ItemIcon-SoulCatcher-Normal Soul Snare Bullets-coin2700


A mage who was told not to rest on his laurels created this circlet so he could do just that.

Patch History:Edit

Now Builds Into:
ItemIcon-SoulCatcher-Normal Soul Snare Bullets-coin2700

See Also:Edit

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