There are a variety of chests you can obtain in Sins of a Dark Age.

Chests That Require KeyEdit

Chest-0-1-SmallIcon Hardened Vanguard Chest (Requires ChestKey-0-SmallIcon Vanguard Chest Key.)

Chest-0-0-SmallIcon Rugged Vanguard Chest (Requires ChestKey-0-SmallIcon Vanguard Chest Key.)

Chest-0-2-SmallIcon Sturdy Vanguard Chest (Requires ChestKey-0-SmallIcon Vanguard Chest Key.)

Chests Granted with Bundle-EarlyAccess-SmallIcon Early Access BundleEdit

Chest-EarlyAccess-SmallIcon Early Access Chest (Requires ChestKey-EarlyAccess-SmallIcon Early Access Chest Key.)

Chests That Do Not Require KeyEdit

Chest-Karma-SmallIcon Virtue Chest

ChestItemBundle-AccountLevelUp-R2Ingredients-SmallIcon Promotion Chest

Chests Granted with Fellowship Bundle ProgramEdit

Chest-FriendRecruitment-SmallIcon Introductory Fellowship Chest

Chest-FriendRecruitment-SmallIcon Honored Fellowship Chest

Twitch ChestsEdit

Good-Chest-TwitchStreamReward-0-Icon Starter Twitch Chest

Good-Chest-TwitchStreamReward-1-Icon Simple Twitch Chest

Hero GearEdit

HeroGear-Merchant-SmallIcon Traveling Chest is not actually a chest, but is actually a piece of Hero Gear.

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