Bracelet of Vigor
Item Information
Stats: + 170 Health
Cost: Bullets-coin525
Refund: Bullets-coin368

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-EpicBeastSlayer-Normal Belt of Vigor Bullets-coin1275

ItemIcon-DireRegeneration-Normal Bloodstone Bullets-coin870

ItemIcon-MerchantsVest-Normal Merchant's Vest Bullets-coin895

ItemIcon-RenewingWellspring-Normal Goblet of Renewal Bullets-coin1295

ItemIcon-AntiCrowdControlBase-Normal Escapist's Cloak Bullets-coin1700

ItemIcon-OnHitSlow-Normal Frosty Mace Bullets-coin1330

ItemIcon-QuestFocusDefense-Normal Adventurer's Helm Bullets-coin1350

Pokeshield Oath Shield Bullets-coin2900

ItemIcon-RampagersCuirass-Normal Rampager's Cuirass Bullets-coin3325

ItemIcon-HungeringBlade-Normal Hungering Blade Bullets-coin2935

Nerrothshide Nerroth's Hide Bullets-coin2500

ItemIcon-SecondWind-Normal Second Wind Bullets-coin3875

ItemIcon-OnAbilityDamageSlow-Normal Glacial Scepter Bullets-coin4620

ItemIcon-EarthshakerMaul-Normal Earthshaker Maul Bullets-coin3730


A weave of leather and bone that grants life to those who wear it.

Patch History:Edit

Now builds into: ItemIcon-EpicBeastSlayer-Normal Belt of Vigor Bullets-coin1275
Now builds into: Pokeshield Oath Shield Bullets-coin2900

See Also:Edit

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