For the Bloodstone Shop Item, see: ItemIcon-DireRegeneration-Normal Bloodstone.

Bloodstone (Crafting)
Item Information
Rarity: Common Material
Market: [1]

Component of:Edit


HeroGear-Symbiont-SmallIcon Empathic Bonds


HeroSkin-BroodMother-Corset-SmallIcon Bloodborn Rachna

HeroSkin-Striker-Cobra-SmallIcon Bloodborn Slivus

HeroSkin-MageSlayer-Scorpion-SmallIcon Bloodborn Xeros

Good-HeroSkin-KnifeNinja-Bloodborn-Icon Bloodborn Ziri

HeroSkin-Marksman-Bushido-SmallIcon Centurion Khagas

HeroSkin-GreenMan-Deer-SmallIcon Staghorn Serewyn


Said to contain a god's own petrified blood.

Patch History:Edit

Lore changed from Said to contain the Vandavarian king’s own blood, these stones are fetishized by the royal cult. to Said to contain a god's own petrified blood.

See Also:Edit

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