Bloodborn Slivus
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Skin
Cost: $7.99

Crafting Components:

HeroSkinRecipe-Striker-Cobra-SmallIcon Recipe: Bloodborn Slivus (x 1)

Ingredient-Bloodstone-SmallIcon Bloodstone (x 7)

Ingredient-Rivets-SmallIcon Rivets (x 6)

Ingredient-DeathhoundFang-SmallIcon Deathhound Fangs (x 6)

Ingredient-SteelPlate-SmallIcon Steel Plate (x 5)

Ingredient-SacrificialDagger-SmallIcon Sacrificial Dagger (x 1)


Stained red by his victims' blood-choked screams, Slivus is a crimson nightmare.

Unique Notes:


Patch History:

Added Hero Trait screenshot
Added Hero Paintings and 2d art for: Bloodborn Slivus
Fixed the tail tip and fangs on this Bloodborn skin.

See Also:

HeroCloseupLarge-Striker-Default-Normal Slivus (Hero Overview)

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