Blood Axe
Item Information
Stats: + 10% Critical Strike Chance
+ 10% Life Steal
Cost: Bullets-coin1500 (345)
Refund: Bullets-coin1050
Limit: 1


Your basic attacks that critically strike restore a small amount of Health.

Max Heal: 25

Passive Cooldown: 1


ItemIcon-BasicAttackCriticalChanceSmall-Normal Club Bullets-coin635

ItemIcon-BasicAttackAdditiveDamageVamp-Normal Leeching Vial Bullets-coin520

Builds Into:Edit

Crimson Crimson Malice Bullets-coin3160

ItemIcon-OnCriticalAttackHealReduction Tyrant's War Maul Bullets-coin3900

ItemIcon-OnCriticalAttackHealAndStrongBlockDamage-Normal Vampiric Plate Bullets-coin3595


An axe with a bleeding edge.

Patch History:Edit

Max Heal changed to 25 from 30

See Also:Edit

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