Beggar's Rags
Item Information
Rarity: Common Material
Market: [1]

Component of:Edit


HeroGear-Stalwart-SmallIcon Ascetic's Tunic

HeroGear-DeathBlow-SmallIcon Executioner's Hood

HeroGear-BestialProwess-SmallIcon Huntsman's Wraps


HeroSkin-Brute-Shackle-SmallIcon Abomination Grugg

HeroSkin-Brute-Bruiser-SmallIcon Bruiser Grugg


Tatters and tears covered in filth.

Patch History:Edit

Lore changed from Rags so frayed and filthy that even beggars will not use them—but perhaps you can. to Tatters and tears covered in filth.

See Also:Edit

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