Bead of Inspiration
Item Information
Stats: + 300 Mana
+ 1.6 Mana/sec
Cost: Bullets-coin1155 (375)
Refund: Bullets-coin809
Limit: 1


ItemIcon-BasicMaxManaPointsSmall-NormalCirclet of Mana Bullets-coin380

ItemIcon-BasicManaPointRestoreRateLarge-Normal Renewing Amulet Bullets-coin400

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-PrismaticBarrier-Normal Crystalline Barrier Bullets-coin3195


These beads can center the mind, preparing the way for new ideas.

Patch History:Edit

No longer Builds Into:
ItemIcon-SoulCatcher-Normal Orza's Soul Net Bullets-coin2945 (Replaced with Orza Orza's Soulbinder)

See Also:Edit

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