Attack Range:Edit

The range at which a hero can target a unit for a basic attack.

For towers:

Attack Range is indicated by the arrows and helms on the ground near the tower:

2014-05-28 00005

For heroes:

Basic Attack Range:

Atasha: 5.4

Bataar: 1.3

Beroth: 1.3

Drengar: 0.9

Ermuk: 5.6

Grugg: 0.9

Khagas: 6.1

Lassidar: 5.8

Lithoron: 0.9

Lord Dekain: 5.6

Rachna: 1.3

Serewyn: 5.8

Skalla: 5.6

Slag: 0.9

Slivus: 0.9

Torrace: 5.6

Vallamere: 0.9

Vexie: 5.8

Xeros: 0.9

Ziri: 5.4

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