Version 35588 Release Notes for Sins of a Dark Age - March 28 2014


  • Fix Windows XP crash.



  • Added sounds for Serewyn's Nourishing Vine.


  • Added Rachna Scuttling Nightmare sound effect.


New item: Crimson MaliceEdit

  • Builds from Blood Axe + Mace + 480g (3160g total cost)
  • 20% Lifesteal
  • 25% Critical Strike Chance
  • Passive: Your basic attacks that critically strike restore up to 65 health.

Item BalanceEdit

  • BloodAxe - Critical attack heal proc reduced to 25 from 30
  • Hungering Blade - Lifesteal per stack reduced to 0.267% from 0.334% (8% at max stacks down from 10%)
  • Tyrant's War Maul - Critical attack heal proc reduced to 35 from 40
  • Vampiric Plate - Critical attack heal proc reduced to 45 from 50

For the official and most up to date Steam version of these patch notes, see:

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